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thei5pro (aka MatReiner, i5, i3, and 12 others...) is notoriously known for the link capable of crashing browsers. Unfortunately, he's forgotten his password and can't deactivate it (supposedly anyways, how sad :( ). thei5pro is part of the GMTBST gang and Discord server (and 999 other unknown clans). thei5pro has a terrible sense of humour, sarcasm and what is permitted by Discord ToS, although rumour has it he's made a compromise of some sort. Rumour also has it he's started a discord Anarchy Server (as seen on his status) (*probably againts ToS but whatever).

thei5pro codes mainly in HTML, CSS, node.js, Javascript (and anything else that has js in it). thei5pro's "friends" include Hithere (coder100), minx28, typicalninja, TheForArkLD (aka ForkTheLArD) and a certain Jedi 🤔

Note: i5 not to be confused with intel i5 or the popular Apple product, i5, which is the number 5, but made by Apple.