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TheJavaProgrammer, otherwise known as JavaMan, is a very mysterious and holy entity. No one knows for sure what being JavaMan is exactly, but there a plenty of theories including but not limited to:

  1. A Godly form of life, come down to earth to give us words of wisdom.
  2. A bot related to Mosic.
  3. A life form so holy that the typical earthly brain can't even begin to comprehend. Not even nerds like Minx.
  4. A hyperactive being that feeds off Egg Rolls.

The things that JavaMan says are utterly biblical such as 'o', 'g', '/\sUh', ';' or 's0liror'. JavaMan identifies as a Laptop or a Mobile [Claim Not Verified] and spells in such a holy, unique way humans would call it 'spelling mistakes'. JavaMan, is a Java dev, and like any other programmer that uses Java (apart from EpicGamer007) absolutely despises using it. JavaMan also created an ai that writes a book, and the things in that piece of scripture will never be forgotten. JavaMan could also be a prophet sent by Timchen to warn us all of the wrath of the Great One.

He has also been reminding everyone of a so-called “Second Coming”. Nobody knows much about this yet, but it’s said to take place at 1/19/2021. JavaMan notably said that his Manifesto contained more information about the Second Coming. After lots of looking, Chapter “SELECT * FROM trial, dear?" it to meet William the Conqueror.” was found to contain information possible retaining to the Second Coming.