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The Nitro Booster Conspiracy

In early August people where thinking "Nothing could possibly go wrong this month," and they were correct (for the least part)… unless you are a part of the Discord. Why? Because Bramley became a trial mod (or Guardian) for the Discord. This shocked everyone (but it turns out Bram's not that bad…) and many people made theories on why the team decided to do that. One theory that absolutely no-one knows or cares about is a theory made by k9chelsea2, that if you nitro-boosted the server at a certain time you would be promoted as guardian. This theory exists because Eelboi (who also was boosting the server) got promoted to guardian at the same time. Piero (Who was boosting the server at the time) also became part of the Team. If this theory is correct then it has a worrying outcome because it means that the likes of Courtney could also be made a guardian. A new theory is that the team decided to eat poisonous potatoes that clouded their judgement, hence why bramley is now a guardian.