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May 21st Riots and Mutings

On May 21, 2020 in the discord, Leon decided to spam so he could get the helper role. This turned into a bunch of spam from others, resulting in others complaining about lack of moderation. Prussia started adding reactions to many messages, and giving Zwack and mod team advice on how to be successful dictators. This resulted Zwack coming in to warn people not to spam, which then resulted in AllAwesome497 and theangryepicbanana coming in and adding a 10 second slowmode. When people started swearing and calling Zwack a tyrant, a 1-minute slowmode ensued, which was quickly turned back to 10 seconds. People kept insulting mods and making "impeach zwack" websites, so many people were warned, including Ducko for failing to censor swear words(not true, warn revoked), Bramley, and someone, idk after they accidentally turned caps lock on when telling Zwack that there needs to be more mods. After many muted by Zwack, the riot was crushed, the slowmode was turned down to 5 and then it was removed. Casualties: Casualties of May 21st

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