Top entry contributors: Elapid#0001

Eerie's code jam submission

The 2020 November code jam took place over the course of the 24th to the 26th of November. A lot of people participated including Amasad, coder100, Hahayes and EerieTheKid. Many people where thinking over what to do for this jam, but Eerie seemed to have it covered straight away, the reason for this was later exposed by k9chelsea2 that Eerie's submission was actually a love song to Zwack, Eerie tried to deny this but it was clear that that was what Eerie was planning on submitting. After some careful consideration, Eerie decided to ditch the Zwack love song and make a repl that is infinitely waking up. This could be thanks to the fact that Eerie had installed like 69 billion python packages.