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AllAwesome497 (commonly referred to as allawesome or aa or parrot man), is a Repl Talk moderator and Discord helper. He joined the server on January 17th, 2019. AllAwesome owns many birds, one of which is his pfp. He is a heretic that likes pineapple, black olives, and shrimp on pizza.

He frequently abuses his permissions on Discord as a intern. Examples of this include the idot role he made for Bramley, and changing people's nicknames to things they have not asked for and do not want.

His alter ego at night is Parrot Man, a superhero whos like batman but a parrot and also probably not a millionaire.

He recently showed that he's xenophobic, claimed it was a misunderstanding, doubled down on his claims and only "apologized" after zwack asked him to. He later continued with his claims in private.