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2020 Replit Language Jam

2020 Replit Language Jam

The 2020 Replit Language Jam is a codejam hosted by Replit and is set to occur from August 10 to August 31st, 2020, with a 10,000 USD winning prize.

The jam was first teased by Zwack on July 17th as shown to the right, in the form of a promotional image. However, it was officially announced by Amjad Masad on July 21st on the Replit Blog, and later in the #announcements channel of the Replit Discord. Guild member Eekboi was the first to realize that the announcement was not posted to Repl Talk. He alerted Amjad and Harmeet (H/TheDrone7), and the event was swiftly posted.

As of July 23rd, 2020, there are only 2 known judges. However, Amjad has said that he wants another judge by the start of the jam. These judges are:

For a list of known participants, see Participants List.