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This is the channel that has all the rules on the Discord. There have been five total versions of the rules by former admins. (timchen, katya, zwack, enigma, zwack again). There also have been numerous small changes to clarify rules or address new problems. The rules were changed on October 18th, 2020, due to protests and riots in the weeks prior. This time, it added some guidelines for moderators, which will hopefully curb mod-abuse. The new rules were based on Prussia‘s draft of rules.

Ache of Head

Aachh aka Ache of head aka A aka Aaka aka Antoni is a being that exists on the Discord, Ache of head has made the best repls in existence for example this amazing example. Aachh also seems to use programming language Nim and also looks like they know some web dev but in all honesty no-one is absolutely certain. Aachh uses rip-off VSCODE and eats children (confirmed). Aachh may also be a God which is bad news for Courtney who now has opposition in being the holiest being in the Discord.


^entry entry or ^entry entry? An entry for an entry for entry of entries. The entry to enter all entries for repldex entries only. This is the greatest entry that has ever been created. An entry for an entry, and an entry for the entry! An entry for the entry of the entry that entries the entry entry. The entry for this entry can be found on the entry of the entry which is here. History ^entry entry has been searched multiple times but it has never gotten it's own entry. This is the recursive entry, read more here.

The Nitro Booster Conspiracy

In early August people where thinking "Nothing could possibly go wrong this month," and they were correct (for the least part)… unless you are a part of the Discord. Why? Because Bramley became a trial mod (or Guardian) for the Discord. This shocked everyone (but it turns out Bram's not that bad…) and many people made theories on why the team decided to do that. One theory that absolutely no-one knows or cares about is a theory made by k9chelsea2, that if you nitro-boosted the server at a certain time you would be promoted as guardian. This theory exists because Eelboi (who also was boosting the server) got promoted to guardian at the same time. Piero (Who was boosting the server at the time) also became part of the Team. If this theory is correct then it has a worrying outcome because it means that the likes of Courtney could also be made a guardian. A new theory is that the team decided to eat poisonous potatoes that clouded their judgement, hence why bramley is now a guardian.


A thing that happens once in a while on the Discord Server. Notable Riots: May 21st Riots .oof tld riots There was also a riot that demanded to add a custom emoji, I think it was cootus or something. Some riots end after everyone gets bored, others with a crackdown and plenty of people muted, and actually end with the rioters getting what they want. Common causes including scamming by kognise, boredom, zwack doing something, change of some kind in the discord server, and potatoes. Recently riots have happened demanding rule reform of Discord's bad rules. There was a riot on October 13, 2020 in protest of wetyuip's muting over arguing with Haz, and also because many were fed up with Moderators promising rule change, but not delivering.


Prussia is the claimer of best pfp on the Discord server. Likes potatoes. Prussia (aka rediar) was one of the editors of the original repldex under eaz and is an editor of mat's new repldex. Also known as rediar and various other names. He also commits to the repldex github and frequently breaks the bot. Supports projects promoting and protecting privacy like duckduckgo, Firefox, and some cryptocurrencies. Joined the Discord 03/21/2019, Discord on 10/23/2016, and has over 41,000 messages. Running for Supreme Leader of the Discord former Nicks on the discord: mailman, hoot boot, vc bot, vc bat