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Warhawk947 (or warhawk as commonly called) is a being that happens to exist in the Discord. Warhawk is into cryptography and creating online puzzles. Warhawk is also the creator of many functioning Discord bots and some don't-function-that-well bots. Warhawk has many interesting named Repl Talk posts, and also created a OS called 'Warhawk OS' that has around 100 upvotes. Warhawk codes in python and sometimes uses Java, Warhawk also tried to learn Go but no-one really knows how that turned out.

Eerie's code jam submission

The 2020 November code jam took place over the course of the 24th to the 26th of November. A lot of people participated including Amasad, coder100, Hahayes and EerieTheKid. Many people where thinking over what to do for this jam, but Eerie seemed to have it covered straight away, the reason for this was later exposed by k9chelsea2 that Eerie's submission was actually a love song to Zwack, Eerie tried to deny this but it was clear that that was what Eerie was planning on submitting. After some careful consideration, Eerie decided to ditch the Zwack love song and make a repl that is infinitely waking up. This could be thanks to the fact that Eerie had installed like 69 billion python packages.


Klaskm__ is someone who randomly joined the Discord is either Eeriethekid's alt or a bot. Klaskm tends to copy a message sent like 3 messages back, and also has an Android pfp which makes him look like an anti-potatoist. Klaskms entry to the server led to a revelation from Cow revealing that Eerie is actually Bramleys alt, backing it with evidence that when Eerie mini-mods, he mini-mods the exact way as Bramley moderated. Therfore ultimatly making klaskm Bramleys alt. Jackfly26 also provided evidence of klaskm being Eeries alt with many different factors including the fact that Eerie and klaskm are never online at the same time, and that Klaskm seems to know everything about Eeries projects almost as if he worked on them. Also the two underscores couldn't be added again in this entry otherwise it would make the entire entry in bold 👻.



Bookie is one of the top contributers on He has upwards of 2,500 cycles and is the #5 on the All Time Replit Leaderboard (also has reputation for cycle begging). According to some digging he made his first Repl over a year ago called Challenge 1 which would be inevitably succeeded by Challenge 2. He made his first post 7 months ago following which his rise on began. He is known to believe that the yellow blob of Zwack is a potato. On November 25th, 2020, Bookie boosted the server.


Mkhoi is a user that is very mysterious. No-one knows who or what exactly is mkhoi. Mkhoi could be a robot or a blob related to Zwack which would make a lot of sense. Mkhoi tends to say 'lol', 'epic', 'ok', and 'lmao' a lot, in fact some may say those are the only words that mkhoi has been programmed to say. Mkhoi also uses python and pygame and knows some HTML, CSS and JS. Mkhoi is a future president of the USA (you heard it here first) and is prophesized to ban all furries from buying potatoes, the worst punishment know to mankind.



According to Wikipedia, anime is hand-drawn and computer animation originating from Japan. Anime, a term derived from the English word animation, is used in Japanese to describe all animation, regardless of style or origin. Anime differs greatly from other forms of animation by its diverse art styles, methods of animation, its production, and its process. Recently, IreTheKID has started a war on the server between those who like and enjoy anime, and those who think it's for weebs. This has led to a lot of members changing their nicknames to "{username} says anime good" or "{username} says anime baf". Anime is looked down upon by many members the Discord, including but not limited to: k9chelsea2 AllAwesome497 CodingCactus minx Some supporters for anime include but are not limited to: IreTheKID H Hazel sugarfi



IreTheKID (aka Ire, pronounced eeray, not eerie see IreTheKID Name Pronounciation for details) is an anime fanatic with skills in Python, Ruby, and C++. His claim to fame is ReplCustoms, an analytics tool made to allow users to search data from ReplTalk. He also talks about Valorant and anime a lot. As of October 14, 2020, he has started a campaign to become a discord moderator (aka Guardian). It is unclear exactly why he wants to become a moderator, but he seems determined to get it. His campaign has since ended on October 29, 2020 after the Moderation Town Hall.